Apple Tree Lane Bed and Breakfast


Welcome to Apple Tree Lane, a Waupaca,Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast. Located in an historic Victorian farmhouse, complete with gingerbread trim, the Inn sits on 7.5 acres in a park-like setting along 400 feet of beautiful Crystal River frontage.

We hope you visit our blog often!  We will share information and pictures with you on special happenings at the Inn and in the Waupaca area, recipes, events, seasonal fun, updates and much more.

What Is It About A Porch?!

What is it about a porch that can that can both invite lively celebration and encourage reflection and afford the rare opportunity to be still?

Architecturally, a porch is simply a roofed exterior that shares a common wall with a house, with vast differences in styles. Porches remained a prominent fixture of American architecture for centuries, at least until WWII, when they were on the edge of obsolescence.

The blame likely rested with the advent of TV, A/C and ranch home design, which demoted porches to mere covered entryways. But during the past several decades, porches have entered a modern renaissance.

Thank goodness as a
a porch seems to bring you back to warm childhood memories of checkers, lemonade, swinging and story-telling.
We all need time to relax and reconnect--Welcome to the Porch!


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