Apple Tree Lane Bed and Breakfast


Welcome to Apple Tree Lane, a Waupaca,Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast. Located in an historic Victorian farmhouse, complete with gingerbread trim, the Inn sits on 7.5 acres in a park-like setting along 400 feet of beautiful Crystal River frontage.

We hope you visit our blog often!  We will share information and pictures with you on special happenings at the Inn and in the Waupaca area, recipes, events, seasonal fun, updates and much more.

125 Year Old Wolf River Apple Tree Still Produces Apples on the Land of the Apple Tree Lane Bed & Breakfast

There is so much fun history to uncover when you purchase an 1880 homestead!

One part of the rich history of our land, centers around the historic apple orchards.

The home was built by Charles & Ann Elizabeth Churchill. The Churchill's sold 25 acres of their land to an A.D. Barnes, otherwise known as (Appletree Barnes). He started the orchards and as the story goes, gifted the Churchill family with a Wolf River Apple Tree.

The tree still stands on our property and is over 125 years old. It is a magnificent tree and is photographed often by our guests here at the Apple Tree Lane Bed & Breakfast,

It is all hollowed out by wind, rain, and storms, with a heavy limb being propped up by a wooded ladder. Remarkably, it is still producing foliage AND apples today! We don't know how long the patriarch of the orchard will grace us with her presence, but we hope for a long time to come.

Not just wonderful to admire and photograph, but this Wolf River tree's apples are still picked and used in making homemade autumn treats.

The Wolf River is a well know cooking apple, notable for its large size. The red blushed fruit with patches of yellow, can weigh up to a pound or more. They are a bit dry, but fairly sweet, and are used mainly for cooking. They are a hardy apple and quite disease resistant. Thank goodness for us! As you can see from this picture, the deer like them too.

When the Pennebecker family purchased the homestead from the Churchill's in the 1920's and the orchards from A.D. Barnes, they operated one of the largest apple orchards in the region.

We have had the wonderful blessing of having many of the Pennebecker family stay with us and provide us stories, history, pictures, and memorabilia. It was fun to have several of them come during apple picking time.

They took some Wolf River's and Macintosh's, and then provided us with some apple inspired family recipes.

These guests, enjoyed apple picking and eating time too!

With our early spring this year, the buds are on the tree. Now, we will hold our breath and see if the blossoms come again this year, followed by a bountiful harvest of beautiful, big and very mature apples! Come visit and enjoy!

Bridal Showers at the Apple Tree Lane B&B in Waupaca, WI

The Apple Tree Lane Bed & Breakfast is so pleased to provide a beautiful yet relaxed venue to hold your bridal shower. Whether outdoor in the garden, on our quaint covered porch, or inside this historic home's Dining Room, Parlor and Orchard Room, it is a unique and memorable setting to consider.

A bridal shower is one of those parties that are fun and practical at the same time. The shower is a wonderful custom where you give gifts to the future married couple that will help them establish a home and life together.

But the underlying reason for a bridal shower is that it is a nice occasion for the close family and friends of the bride to spend relaxed time with her before the big wedding day. It is a time for sharing funny stories, for relatives to give advice to the bride, and for friends to show their support.

The shower should be all about making it unique and special, designed with the bride in mind.

One of our most popular shower is the garden party. Imagine linen on the tables, white wooden chairs and umbrellas, and white roses all within the picketed fenced garden. Take a stroll to our Crystal River frontage too.

Another fun option is to have a tea party in our historic dining room, complete with crystal and brass chandelier and original black marble fireplace. Music, candles, tea, silver and china--what fun!

Whatever your style, casual to elegant or somewhere in between, enjoy our historic homestead. Prices for rental of our venue are as low as $25/hour. Contact us today for more information. Create a truly unique and memorable bridal shower at the Apple Tree Lane Bed & Breakfast, !

St. Patrick's Day ~ Waupaca, Wisconsin Style

The St. Patrick's Day tradition in Waupaca continues, with the 13th Annual Irish Wake on Saturday, March 17th (don't you love it when St. Patty's Day is on a weekend)! Thanks to the efforts of our Waupaca Community Arts Board,, you will sure find that a "good time will be had by all".

The fun will begin the evening of Saturday, March 17th (of course) in our wonderful and historic downtown Waupaca. Whether you are all Irish, a wee bit of Irish, or an Irish wanna be, come and enjoy an evening of music, fun, and a wee bit of green beer?!

You may join in the pub crawl at any point in the evening, however, festivities begin at 7pm at Weasels Restaurant, Bring your singing voice and musical instrument to play along as the coffin is carried through the streets of Waupaca. Stops will be made at T.W. Martin's Public House,, and ends at Simpson's Restaurant,, with "Baba Ganoosh" performing.

Why not make it a weekend in Waupaca and rid yourselves of any cabin fever? We will help you plan an enjoyable Waupaca day, before you begin your enjoyable Waupaca night! The Apple Tree Lane Bed & Breakfast,, is a short 2 miles from downtown, and we even have taxi service available! Don't forget we will serve you a "green" breakfast in the morning!?

Erin Go Bragh!!